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Come in and join our online community where we gather together to learn through the gift of authentic Indigenous story-telling.

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Phyllis Webstad's Orange Shirt Day Classroom:

Come learn about Orange Shirt Day from Residential School Survivor, Phyllis Webstad, as she shares her personal experience at Residential School. Created for all ages, this course will help introduce students to the history of Residential Schools in Canada and the importance of Residential School Reconciliation.

 "Every child matters"

David Bouchard and the Seven Sacred Teachings:

Best selling author, educator and public speaker, David Bouchard, takes readers on a journey to explore these sacred teachings. With his gift of story-telling, David will share with us the profound lessons we can all learn from the Sun.

“We are many — yet one, waiting there for the Sun.”

Trudy Spiller

Trudy is part of the Gitxsan Nation in British Columbia and belongs to the House of Gwininitxw of the Wolf Clan. Trudy’s traditional name, Lugaganowals, means a frog that is always leaning or giving. Trudy and her siblings were brought up to believe that children are like flowers. Today, she helps families to grow and flourish by sharing her knowledge of First Nation medicine, food, dress, and practices. By sharing her stories, Trudy makes knowledge keepers of us all.

Ḵung Jaadee and Raven’s Gifts:

Explore the significance of Raven to the Haida community with Kung Jaadee as your guide. She will teach us that we have all been given a unique talent or gift to be embraced and shared.

 “Love yourself fully and let your light shine, you embrace your gift and I’ll embrace mine.”

Kevin Locke:

Kevin Locke is a world-renowned Hoop Dancer, distinguished indigenous Northern Plains flutist, traditional storyteller, cultural ambassador, recording artist, and educator. Kevin is Lakota (from the Hunkpapa Band of the Lakota Sioux), and Anishinabe. His Lakota name is Tokeya Inajin, meaning “First to Arise.” Kevin Locke presents and performs at hundreds of performing arts centers, festivals, schools, universities, conferences, state and national parks, monuments, historic sites, powwows, and reservations every year. Approximately eighty percent of these are shared with children. Kevin is a dance and musical hero and role model for youth around the world. His special joy is working with children on reservations to ensure the survival and growth of indigenous culture.  

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Courses Included

Phyllis's Orange Shirt

Designed For Ages 4-6 9 Lessons Included

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The Orange Shirt Story

Designed For Ages 7+ 12 Lessons Included

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We Learn From The Sun

Designed For All Ages 11 Lessons Included

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Trudy's Rock Story

Designed For Ages 7+ 8 Lessons Included

Learn More

Trudy's Healing Stone

Designed For Ages 4-6 8 Lessons Included

Learn More

Raven's Feast

Designed For Ages 7+ 9 Lessons Included

Learn More

Gift's From Raven

Designed For Ages 4-6 9 Lessons Included

Learn More

Dawn Flight: A Lakota Story

Designed For Ages 7+
11 Lessons Included

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The Eagle Feather

Designed For Ages 4-6 

9 Lessons Included 

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