Social Media Protocols
 as approved by Elder & Storytellers 


Medicine Wheel Publishing strives to create a safe environment and platform for Indigenous creators to share their cultural stories without fear of corporate influence or loss of ownership. Our team encourages Indigenous storytellers to be at the center of their book production process and our first priority is to provide a safe space where storytellers have full control over their stories and how they are shared.

Throughout our production process, we draw upon traditional cultural teachings and protocols, which are inspired and approved by Indigenous Elders and storytellers, in order to facilitate a safe and respectful community. We apply those traditional teachings and protocols to our social media platforms. Over the last three years, our social media has grown to roughly 18,000 followers; we feel that it is imperative to share our social media vision so that, together, we can create a safe environment with respectful engagement.

Our principles are Humility, Honesty, Respect, Courage, Truth, Wisdom and Love. All of these principles, inspired by sacred teachings, play a significant role in how we choose to carry ourselves at Medicine Wheel Publishing. We strive to implement these principles and sacred teachings in our work as well as our online community. As a result, we want to be clear that we are taking every step to ensure that we facilitate a safe online environment that is free of lateral violence and attacks on individuals and/or groups of people.

How do we ensure there is space to have discussions or dialogue without compromising these principles and sacred teachings? We create the space for open and honest dialogue without tolerating hate speech, personal attacks and rude comments. With this in mind, we encourage people to comment and engage in respectful dialogue with us and with each other.

As we uphold our principles and the sacred teachings that our principles are inspired by, we will continue to monitor the engagement on our social media platforms. As we post culturally sensitive stories and information, we encourage you to consider our principles when you craft your thoughtful responses. Sometimes, though, inappropriate and hateful comments do arise and, as a result, we want to be transparent on how we will handle these comments moving forward.

Medicine Wheel Publishing does not tolerate:

  1. Attacks on an individual including attacks regarding cultural identity, customs or traditions 
  2. Attacks on any persons or community
  3. Posting articles or misinformation that aim to attack a person or community
  4. Accusations
  5. Hate speech including comments that are racially motivated 
  6. Posting racist or derogatory comments
  7. Spam of any kind

If you choose to post any of the above you will be blocked without notice.

As a reminder, our goal is to provide a safe and respectful online space for our Indigenous creators and social media followers. In order to create this safe sacred space, we will strongly uphold our protocols, which are inspired by sacred Indigenous teachings. If our protocols are disregarded, we will take the actions described above.

If you feel that there is an issue or would like to have a dialogue with us at Medicine Wheel Publishing please reach out to us at

Thank you for your time and for engaging in our online community!

Medicine Wheel Publishing