Minnow: The Girl Who Became Part Fish Package

Minnow: The Girl Who Became Part Fish Package

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Both Hardcover and Softcover Book Packages Available

Minnow: The Girl Who Became Part Fish (Book, Lesson Plan, Poster)


A young Indigenous water protector named Minnow goes on an underwater journey; learning from our ocean-living relatives. When she returns to the surface, she gathers her community to help make a change.
This story is told in lyrical rhyme and helps children gain a better respect for Indigenous water and land protectors, the environment and world around them, and helps show children activism at an early age.


"This book is our Land Back love letter."


This package includes:

Minnow, Hardcover

ISBN: 9781778540080


Minnow, Softcover

ISBN: 9781778540097


Minnow, Lesson Plan

ISBN: 9781778540110

Minnow, Poster


Author: Willie Poll

Illustrator: bailey macabre

ISBN for Hardcover package: 978-1-77854-029-5

ISBN for Softcover package: 978-1-77854-026-4