Medicine Wheel Publishing, a new look: 

After many consultations with a diverse group of Indigenous authors, Elders, teachers, distributors, and bookstores, our family at Medicine Wheel Education have made the exciting decision to change our name to Medicine Wheel Publishing.

We will always strive to bring high quality educational books to classrooms and teachers. With that said, we also feel our purpose has grown beyond just the educational market. Our books can also be found in the trade book industry, libraries, etc.

Along with the new name comes a new logo to better match our identity and our purposes. Designed by Joshua Hunt, a talented Ojibway artist, Medicine Wheel Publishing’s new logo speaks to who we are. 

  • The sacred symbol of the Medicine wheel represents unity and balance between the fours that exist in our world. The four seasons, the four elements, the four directions, the four peoples, the four types of education, etc. The goal of Medicine Wheel Publishing is to bring about greater understanding between people, especially in regards to Reconciliation.
  • Every feather of an eagle represents a sacred teaching. Every book published is a teaching being passed onto the reader.
  • The eagle wrapping our community and our logo is a symbol of the 7th sacred teaching — love. One of our authors speaks to how you need each of the other six sacred teachings in order to love. We strive everyday for that goal - to be loving.